Kit Kat Dessert Pizza! Japan’s Kit Kat Taste Mania Continues!


Hungry For Dessert? Hungry For Pizza? Now You Can Satisfy Both Cravings At Once!

Kit Kat Pizza

Yes, Japan has done it again! It’s a delicious world where a Kit Kat store exists to serve you with an array of taste treats like this:

Tokyo kit kat store

A World Of Flavor!

If your taste for Kit Kats isn’t satisfied by “Roasted Corn Kit Kats”, well I don’t know how to please you…

corn on the cob kit kats

But guess what? Kit Kat won’t give up! Thanks to RocketNews24, I have discovered that “several pizza and cafe chains in Japan will be offering special menus for a limited time using the “Bake ‘N Tasty Mini Kit Kats Custard Pudding Flavor” (Kit Kat Mini Yaite Oishi Purin Aji)!”

Do you hear me? Kit Kat Dessert Pizzas!

According to a joint press release by Nestlé Japan, Cafe Company, Strawberry Cones and Zensho, original baked Kit Kat menus will be offered at the pizza chains…

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